The Two Secrets to Healing Emotional Pain

Every living thing is made of unconditional Love. Every blade of grass, every flower petal, every drop of rain, every snowflake, every breath we take, every person, including you and I – is created from Love.

How can this be true of everything? How can war be created from love? How can someone who murders their spouse or child be made from love? What does this have to do with healing emotional pain?

Everything is made of love. What is also true is that we humans forget this over and over. Ironically, war reminds us of what we are made of. Where there are acts of atrocities, there is an equal and even greater reaction of good. Ordinary people do extraordinary things during extreme times, and love prevails, often.

For example, during the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, a pediatric doctor, Natalie Stavas, jumped into the chaos to save lives.

When the towers fell on 911, Benjamin Keefe Clark, a chef, dived into the smoke and fire and saved hundreds of people, losing his own life in the process.

On April 29, 2015 the Boston Symphony Orchestra held a free concert to bring solice to the deep unrest due to the horrible death of Freddie Gray.

For the stories listed here, there are thousands more regarding these atrocities and others that have occurred all over the world.

It is also true, that we truly remember what we are made of, and had reminders daily, we wouldn’t kill each other. Our way of being would be matter-of-fact, clear and kind. We would have examples around us as o how to behave in every situation. We would be in touch with Spirit, the Angels and our Guides. And we wouldn’t grow up wounded.

Anger and violence is usually an unconscious act. It stems from a deep place within that is seeking love. And yet we are the only ones that can give ourselves love. No one else can. And this is the first secret to healing emotional pain.

Think of a time that you have yelled at someone you love. You are the only one that can do this. The opposite is also true. You cannot heal someone else’s wounds. You can only work on your own. As you receive your life fully, so you will be able to receive others. And the only way to

fully receive your life is to embrace it with unconditional love, the very substance you are made of!

Here is how:

  1. Say to yourself, “This anger is coming up in me because it is asking for my love and attention.”
  2. Notice where it is in your body. Is it a heated sensation in your chest? Are there butterflies in your stomach? Does your head feel like it’s going to explode?
  3. State the following, “Anger inside my head I know you are here for love. Talk to me, tell me why you are here.”
  4. Begin to breathe into it and listen to its voice.
  5. As it tells you why it’s mad, validate its reasons. Say, “Of course. I understand. Anyone would be angry in this situation.”
  6. Continue to breathe into it and tell it, “You are welcome to be in my body, anger. I will hold you the way I hold happiness and peace. I bring warmth to you. I bring love to you.”
  7. Keep breathing into it. Allow it to take the size and shape it needs to become. Keep staying with it. Do not try to make it go away.
  8. Send it love. Send yourself love for having this feeling.

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Many blessings and all my love as you continue on in your journey,