Five Ways To Change Your Negative Self Talk

So many of us are interested in attracting better and more wonderful people, events and prosperity into our lives! And so much of our inability to do this rests in the way we think about ourselves. Read below to see how you can change your negative self talk!

Five Ways to Change Your Negative Self –Talk

  1. Each time you hear yourself say, “I’m so stupid,” or “I’m so jealous,” question the truth of that statement. Is it true that you are stupid? Or did you just spill coffee on yourself in front of your boss? A truer statement is, “it’s not that I am stupid, it’s that I feel embarrassed because I just spilled coffee on myself.
  2. Wake up each morning and say 3 nice things about yourself to yourself. Make sure you believe them and say them throughout the day.
  3. Each day for a week keep a gratitude journal. Write down 3 things you are grateful for and each day add 3 different things. If after a week, you wish to continue do so!
  4. Find a few friends and create a daily “grateful” group email. Each of you needs to write one thing you are grateful for daily.
  5. Take a self-critical remark such as, “I’m so bad at sports” and say “I really appreciate/love myself because I am bad at sports.”