Our Negative Feelings Are The Gold That Line Your Path

Our negative feelings: Embrace them! Love them! Here’s how:

  1. Say to the feeling, fear or sadness, “You are here because of my success/new love. You are here because you want to experience love too.”
  2. Say to this same feeling, “I love you. I love myself for being human and having this feeling. Without this feeling I would not know courage/joy.
  3. Notice all of the automatic negative thoughts that go with the fear/sadness. Say, “I love these automatic thoughts that are directly connected to this feeling. They can’t help it.”
  4. Say, “This fear/sadness is a Being that lives inside of me that is in need of love. I love you so much fear/sadness. I love you.”
  5. Practice this often. Say these things to yourself even if you don’t believe it. And repeat them for a long time.

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