On Suffering and Depression

Depression is a horrible, suffocating feeling that attacks every aspect of the body.

Your heart can feel like led, while harsh, dark and negative thoughts pound relentlessly and uncontrollably through your mind.

Trying to apply thoughts such as, “I must think positive” only intensifies the suffering.

The most immediate and ineffective way to find relief is through addictions; and if you stop your addiction, then the repressed depression comes back, compounded by withdrawals.

There is lots of outside help such as psychotherapy, medication and plenty of healing modalities. Please seek these out.

Here is an exercise you can try on your own: Do something you know works, even if you feel that you can’t.

– Take a walk
– Be out in nature
– Hug someone
– Hug your pet
– Call a friend
– Read an inspirational message
– Take a shower
– Eat something healthy: anything will do, a raisin, a carrot, a radish…
– Paint
– Write
– Draw

And if you are feeling too frozen to do anything, then begin incrementally.

Say, you would like to call a friend. You don’t want to burden them with how awful you feel, nor do you want to keep this to yourself anymore.

Here is what you do:

Ask yourself, “Can I pick up my phone?”
As you pick up your phone, take a deep breath.
Say, “Good. I have my phone in my hands. Can I now find my friend’s phone number?”
Say, “Good, here is the number. Which feels best, to text or call?”
You might freeze in this moment. Choose the first that comes to mind.
“Good.. Can you text the message?”
If the answer is no, take a deep breath and say, “I can but it’s hard right now.”
“What’s hard?”
“My hand feels too heavy too type.”
“Can you record?”
“Can you push record?”
“What will I say?”
“Can you push record?”
“Push record.”
“Good. Now say, “Hi, it’s me. I’m having a hard day. How are you? Is there anything I can do for you?”

After you do this, you may still suffer. That’s okay. It is possible to feel awful and a tiny bit good that you had done something to help you and someone else.

Make sure you are seeking outside help and let me know how you are doing!

With much love and compassion,