A transformative, intuitive, and passionate healer, and a licensed psychotherapist, Molly Salans understands how important talk therapy and especially expressing emotions is. Within the context of the healing consciousness, which is Unconditional Love, she will help you understand and get to know your feelings on very deep levels, and once this is in process, it is no longer necessary to rehash the same situations over and over as this will only magnify the problems you are trying to solve.

The healings she offers are: The Constellation Approach, Intuitive Guided Meditations, and Journaling with Spiritual Poetry.

The modalities she offers delve into these denser energies and release them at their root. You will receive channeled, personalized, and meaningful affirmations that will raise your vibrational level and help you move forward.

Through the S.H.A.R.E. System (Seeking Harmony, Awareness, Rejuvenation and Enlightenment), you can combine any of the healings she offers, for a customized healing that is uniquely yours!

Having studied with poet David Whyte; healer and teacher Jason Shulman; guides for the Constellation Approach, Jamy and Peter Faust; creator of the Emotion/Body Code Brad Nelson: healer, homeopath, and creator of the S.H.A.R.E. system, Luba Levin — and so many others — Molly brings a lifetime of deep love, creativity, and experience to her healing practice.

It gives her great joy to stop the repeating patterns that are holding you back, and to free you and those you love from your unwanted, unconscious feelings and energies.

“Thank you for holding the Journaling Workshop on Sunday. Once again, I am struck with how powerful your presentations are. You are a blessing.”

– Katharyn Dawson, owner Second Hand Prose Books, Groton, MA.