A unique transformative experience, this is not a quick fix. Rather it is a process of developing your own healing tools that will last a lifetime.

Each healing will help you stay within yourself, right in that vulnerable space that is the hardest of all to connect to. By connecting to this vulnerability, you are revealing to yourself a magnificent strength you never knew you had. This strength is flexible, palpable and unbreakable. It is directly connected to your inner truth. There is nothing more valuable.

Through intuitive guidance and compas­sion you will be brought into these sticky, stuck areas that are in need of your own light and love!

These very dark places, the ones you want to avoid the most, are the very spaces that hold your transfor­mative abilities! There would be no art without the shadow or photography without the negative!

Molly’s Healings

I offer several different healings, all leading to a deeper sense of yourself. You can exper­ience one of these healings on it’s own or in conjunction with another modal­ity. I will devise a healing session that is personal to your specific needs.



(no writing experience ever needed)

Storytelling with Children in Crisis

Molly Salans has been a storyteller for many years, visiting children in deprived areas who have depression, ADHD and behavioral problems caused by poverty, absent fathers, depressed mothers, run-down schools and violence. Describing her therapy sessions as they happened, Molly Salans puts the children in the context of their lives and recounts her sessions, the folk and fairy stories she told and the ones they developed themselves. This remarkable book includes over fifteen original children’s drawings and reveals the method­ology Molly uses to help heal these children and their families, making it essential for all those involved in therapy and in storytelling.

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A Break in the Fog

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