Non-Dualistic Healing

Non-Dualistic Healing

The waterwheel accepts water
turns and gives it away weeping
that way it stays in the garden
Whereas another roundness rolls on
through a dry riverbed looking
for what it thinks it wants
Stay here quivering with each moment
like a drop of mercury

– Rumi

When we are out of relationship with ourselves, and we believe that our suffering is our only reality, then this suffering creates more suffering.

Within the ideas of Kabalistic healing is the understanding that there is a place of wholeness that exists vibrantly within each of us. This place has never been broken, and receives our brokenness as Holy.

A healing session consists of both conversation and an energy healing. By channeling the areas that are broken, while holding this principle of wholeness, Molly will arrive at the core situation and know the best healing for you.

Many of Molly’s clients find that after a healing, and for many days beyond, they feel more relaxed and have a desire to express deep gratitude.

The Non-Dualistic healings are part of the S.H.A.R.E. System, and you may combine this with other modalities that will enrich your own experience.

$497 for four hours of healings (a $600 value)
This can be divided into 30, 60, and/or 90 minute sessions

Non-Dualistic Healing