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The Constellation Approach

The Constellation Approach is a powerful and intimate Shamanic Journey that leads you into your Family Soul. Here, You will be able to acknowledge unwanted soul agreements from a place of unconditional love and be able to create new and conscious agreements that are supported and made from this same unconditional love.

The Shakers and Movers: The Babyboomers

The Baby Boomers, what an amazing generation! You brought yoga and meditation to the Western world; insisted on Equal Rights, sending women into professions like law, medicine, and science; you encouraged exercise and organic foods! And you have done so much more! Now aging, you continue to be the Spark and Light leading the way for generations to come!

Honor Yourself for Being Human

Do you beat yourself up when you have a negative feeling? Do you feel as if you are ruining your chances for “attract­ing” all of the positive things live has to offer, If you are feeling down?

In this video, learn a brand new perspective about those feelings that are harder to face.

Musings and Meditations

The Solstice

Did you know that the opposites attract at the exact same time? That’s why I love the Solstice so much! During the Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere it is the darkest day of the year and in the Southern Hemisphere it is the shortest day of the year.

The light is returning and disappearing all at the exact same moment! Find out how this concept — the opposites existing at the same time — can lead you to deep awareness, calm, and joy!

Carving Out Time

Are you an artist frustrated because you can’t find a time to create?

Have you had a desire to write for a long while but feel trapped for time?

Do you think that you do not have any ideas or too many ideas to create with?

Are you stumped by the blank page/canvas?

This video is designed especially for those who have an artistic gift, whether it is in the visual arts, writing, music, or something else. Let these 12 minutes inspire you to face that blank space and to seriously carve out the time you so badly need. It really isn’t impossible, even though it may feel that way most of the time. You are not alone, and the world needs your gifts!